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Short and Sweet Version
  • No bullying, harassment, or begging.
  • Offensive statements or structures towards any particular group of people are not allowed.
  • Respect staff and do not obstruct them from doing their jobs.
  • Treat other players with respect.
  • PvP and steal with caution.
  • It's always better to announce your second account to an Admin or above.
  • Do not grief.
  • Do not bypass locked doors.
  • Do not hide exploits.
  • Do not use mods.
  • Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

Community Rules

  • Bullying is not allowed in any means, shape or form in-game, on the site, the teamspeak server, Skype, or any other forum.
    • This may include, but is not limited to, comments about their real/perceived race, religion, gender, political beliefs, sexuality, homeland, appearance, voice, skill in any area of gameplay, or intellectual capacity to the point that the member feels threatened or emotionally disturbed.
    • "Friendly banter" is allowed, but must stop when another player or staff says to cut it out. No argumentation or excuses will be accepted.
    • Any player found to be bullying other members will be immediately banned, either temporarily or permanently on a case by case basis, and may also not be given a chance for an appeal with sufficient documented evidence.
  • Profane language is acceptable on occasion. "Swearing like a sailor" is not. Slurs against any one group of people are never allowed.
  • Caps lock is cruise control for cool. But even with cruise control, you still have to STEER.
  • Be respectful to other players and to staff.
  • If a staff member ever says to stop a particular behavior, stop it.
  • Do not beg staff or other players for anything. Asking is allowed, but once told no, no is the answer, and do not ask the same person again. "Second opinions", or asking someone friendlier to your cause is acceptable, asking more than three other people is not.
  • Punishment of any rule below, unless otherwise stated, will progress from fines of in-game currency, to being kicked out of the server, to being banned temporarily, and finally to being permanently banned.
You may appeal for the ban to be lifted only once per ban.

In-Game Rules


  • Is not allowed, period.
  • This behavior is defined as, but not limited to, destruction of or damage to other players’ property (buildings/farms) by means of flooding with water/lava, use of fire, use of TNT, or using any other tools to alter the appearance/functionality of a player’s property without their expressed permission.
  • The severity of the grief will be defined by maliciousness of the damage done to the property (harvesting a field vs. eliminating a structure completely).
  • Action is not taken unless the player whose property has been vandalized makes a complaint to staff about it.
  • Remember, staff can undo the damage in a minute. Do not rebuild.


  • Unlocked chests are fair game unless any of the following criteria is met: the chest is behind a locked door accidentally left open, or the chest in question is surrounded by other locked chests (either in that room or in another room of the structure).
  • Taking the items dropped by a player killed in fair battle is allowed. Fair battle is any battle against mobs or players that do not break the PvP rules below.
  • Taking any valuable block from a house is defined as griefing. So too is breaking through a wall to bypass a locked door in order to take what’s inside.

PvP (Player vs. Player)

  • Is allowed in certain worlds.
  • Camping, however, is not. Camping is defined as behavior where the offender waits at any location for players to leave a safe zone and immediately kills them. This may include waiting outside a locked door, outside a town, or a spawn.
  • If a player enters a house in an area where PvP is allowed, an ingress may be searched for, but if no ingress is found within two minutes, the hunter must leave immediately.
  • Hunting down one player specifically and repeatedly for any reason is not allowed unless the player has expressly given permission for "head-hunting" (where you are specifically after their head, not items they could be carrying).
  • Punishment will skip straight to temporary bans.


  • Are not allowed unless a member of the Core Staff gives permission for it.
  • Even if a mod is allowed, it is not permissible to ever use it within raid dungeons, quests, PvP, or mob arenas.
  • Do not ask about X-Ray (seeing through the terrain), flight, or combat enhancing mods. The answer is no.
  • You may ask an admin or above to temporarily allow fly in game. They may say yes, depending on the situation. Do not beg. Anyone found abusing this privilege in raid dungeons, quests, PvP or mob arenas will be punished, as will the staff member who gave it to them.

Glitches and Exploits

  • Tell staff about them. Always. Rewards will be meted out by a member of Core Staff, the value of this reward will be based on the glitch mentioned.
  • Hiding them from staff will result in a more severe punishment.
  • Selling items achieved through exploits will result in the most severe punishment.

Mobs-Grinders and Auto-Farms

  • Mob-grinders are any structure which damage and/or kill mobs without direct player interaction.
  • Auto-Farms are any structure or contraption that gather endless supplies of drops and/or resources without any player interaction.
  • These are only acceptable if the drops and/or resources are destroyed as well.


  • Do not build insulting structures. These structures will be destroyed and may be defined as offensive to any group of people or depicting sexual imagery.
  • Do not obstruct a staff member from doing their job.
  • You may use multiple accounts, but if one account is found breaking the rules, all will be punished equally. If it is found out after the fact that there have been multiple accounts, all will be punished more severely than they would have originally been.
  • Also, the "someone else you know used your account to break the rules" excuse is much like saying "the dog ate my homework."

Creative Mode World

  • You cannot build insulting structures.
  • You understand that nothing crosses over into or out of creative mode.
  • You may use flight mods in this world ONLY. They must be deactivated upon exiting this world.
  • You agree to abide by all other server rules and understand that access to this world may be revoked upon breaking any rule.

The TBA staff reserves the right to enforce any punishment they feel necessary with or without giving you prior or past notification. Staff reserves the right to adjust any punishment as deemed nessassary.

Do not be a vigilante of the rules. If you spot a violation that we have missed please alert the staff and let them handle it. Taking matters into your own hands may result in administrative action against you or your account.

These rules are subject to change at any time, for any reason, with or without notification.

Remember the spirit of the law here is more important then the letter. If you think you have found a technicallity to break a rule, you haven't.
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